Boys: You are so dumb. You are really dumb, for real!

14 Jan

Today, as a scenario involving a boy played out, all I could think of was the gem of a quote from Antoine Dodson. Because sometimes boys are SO dumb. To the point where I feel some of my experiences could be played out on an episode of Sex and the City if the show still aired. I know not all boys are dumb, but in my experience the vast majority are, and here is my rant for the evening.

Met a very cute guy- “D” a few weeks ago. Turns out he is an ex of a friend’s friend, and has a rep for being a D-bag (how fitting). Me, being trusting and optimistic, decided to forgo the negative word of mouth reviews of this fellow, and see what happened for myself. We chatted on and off for the last couple weeks, tried to arrange a time to meet up, but plans always fell through last minute. I decided if he really wanted to see me, he would make it happen (a la He’s Just Not That Into You), but needless to say, I went out for drinks last weekend, caved, and messaged him. We made tentative plans to meet up the following week, but I decided to leave it up to him to message me and arrange it in order to see if he actually cared/wanted to hang out.

Fast forward to Thursday. I change my status on BBM to: “the condo hunt begins” and he messages me, asking if I I want a hunky real estate agent like Samantha had in Sex and the City. I explained that my friend and I had a guy who was already looking for us, and he proceeds to send me spiels of how he has “above average” experience with the condo market, and how he would “love a chance to sit down with my friend and I” to discuss purchasing a condo. I’m sorry, but WHAT THE HELL?! Why in the world would I want to hear a sales pitch from him? Instead of asking “Hey Jenna, how’s your week going?” or “hey, when are we going to go for that drink?” he instead goes in for the sales pitch kill. As my friend explains, “you don’t want to buy a condo from the same dude you kissed.” This irritated me so much. Could he have been any less romantic or thoughtful if he tried? He then asks what my weekend plans are. I tell him, and ask what he’s up to. The answer? “Nada. Working all weekend.” Me: “fun.” Him: “Yeah, good times.” WTF?! Why even bring it up if you’re not going to offer anything worth talking about.

It was at this moment when I realized how true the word of mouth statements of him being a D bag were. I thought of all the times we chatted via bbm and text, and how every conversation revolved around him. Oh he’s working on this, he’s from here, he volunteers at this place on the side, etc., when all he probably knew about me was my first name! I suppose this is a typical case of “he’s just not into me” but why be SUCH a dummy about it? Despite how this post may make me seem, I’m actually¬† easy-going and laid back. I’m definitely not one of those crazy girls who gets in a tizzy over titles and expects the world from guys. Rather, I’m up for anything and always go with the flow. However, I expect guys to at least have common courtesies. If you don’t want to hang out, then don’t suggest we meet for drinks and then never follow through. Also–trying to sell me your “services” in whatever career you do is the most un-sexy and unappealing thing you can do.

Guys–it honestly doesn’t take much to impress a girl, as a little thoughtfulness and decency will go a long way. It’s situations like this that make me wonder how many girls put up with this kind of ridiculous behaviour.


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