Go, go go…STOP

24 Aug

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve posted on here, yet depressingly/hilariously it seems like things haven’t changed in the love department!

One of my most recent dating disasters took place about a month ago which left me feeling perplexed and confused all over again.

The day started out pretty great – I was heading to a bar to watch the England vs. Italy quarter final with a friend (England is my all time favourite team and I LOVE when the Euro cup/World cup is on). We showed up at the bar, and ended up standing since it was packed, conveniently behind a group of guys. One guy in particular offered us his seat, which we thought was sweet, and from there, struck up a conversation with us. He was very friendly and outgoing, and ended up staying after the game had ended just chatting to us while his friends went to another table. Frankly,  I couldn’t tell if he was interested in my friend, myself, or neither of us, but he wrote down his number and told us both to text him, as he was talking about future “Sunday Funday” and said he had an awesome group of friends he’d introduce us to.

We both texted him later that night, and him and I carried on a conversation for the majority of the night. We discovered that he lives and works a couple blocks away from my work, and he asked if I would be interested in going for lunch on Monday or Tuesday if he wasn’t traveling. I said of course, and I really enjoyed his directness and no time wasted attitude. On Tuesday he texted to say that he didn’t end up traveling, but that work had been crazy but he hadn’t forgotten about lunch. He suggested that coffee might be easier to go for, and also mentioned that he would be going on Thursday with the crew if I was interested. I said sure to both options, told him I was off Thursday. On Thursday he sent me a cute text saying that he hoped I was having a good day off. We made plans to meet up (at my favourite bar, though it wasn’t an ideal meeting spot), so it ended up being him and his co-worker and my and my original friend from the bar.

At the bar, him and I danced (though I am a terrible dancer and warned him of that), and he made fun of my dance moves. He was cute and held my hand back to the group, and when my friend and I left, he gave me a huge hug and double kiss on the cheek. Later, I texted him that it was great to see him (and that I would work on my dance skills). He responded that it was great to see me as well. The next day he asked if I was partying that night – I told him I was at my friend’s cottage. No response. From there, texts went from being all the time and super direct, to basically non existent and pulling teeth style conversations. I tried to keep it going, figured he was busy with work (and because his family was in town visiting), but I was secretly irritated and felt he lost interest (if he was ever interested to begin with). However, the following week he texted “happy Friday, hope you’re having a great day!” so I was like hmm maybe he is interested.

I finally gave it one last shot and flat out told him that if he wasn’t busy that weekend, we should meet up. His response? Let’s do it!!! When I suggested a patio drink on Saturday afternoon, he said he was busy golfing but would keep me posted. He also wanted to know where I planned to go out that night with the girls. So I took that to mean he is completely not interested. Surprise, surprise, he didn’t text me at all on Saturday. On Monday, I decided to text him because my sister actually wanted to buy baseball tickets in Boston (which is where he’s from), so I asked if he had any insight into best place to get the. He replied that he would be more than happy to help and would make some calls to find out. I said awesome, thanks (he totally didn’t have to do that). It’s been a month since that text.

Yes, I get that maybe he was never interested in me in the first place. Or maybe he was and was turned off by my horrible dancing. I just don’t understand how words say one thing and actions another. Okay, you’re not interested? Then why are you sending random texts wishing me a good day? Why start off asking for lunch, coffee out, then all of a sudden it’s pulling teeth. It’s so frustrating!!


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